Nut Tree Airport - Airport Amenities

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Pilots' Lounge

The Pilots' Lounge has space to relax while waiting for your flight or friends, and free self-serve coffee and space to work. We offer free wifi, a desktop computer for your convenience and a vending machine for snacks while you watch TV. Come relax and enjoy during your downtime!

Fuel Island

The Airport's self-serve fuel island is open 24/7 and provides two 100LL dispensers and a Jet A dispenser. Fuel Prices are very competitive. The fuel island also provides free windscreen cleaner, towels and cold ice water.

Easy Access to Restaurants

Our close proximity to shopping and dining are taken advantage of via a walkway and bridge which connects to the adjacent Nut Tree Shopping Center. Access to restaurants from the airport


The Nut Tree Airport offers a variety of amenities highlighted below for the airport community and visitors.

Meeting Spaces

Casual meeting spaces are available in our pilots' lounge and admin building lobby. If you require a more private meeting space and have up to 55 in your party, please take advantage of our conference room located in the Airport Admin Building. The conference room includes chairs and tables, a sink and counter space, a white board, a drop down projector screen and a flat screen monitor for your use. Please contact us ahead of time to reserve the meeting space to ensure availability. (707) 469-4600 or

Aircraft Wash Rack

The Airport provides a free aircraft washing area located on the north side the tie-down ramp area. The wash rack includes a water supply and is available on a daily basis. The wash rack also provides a free air compressor for pilots to check aircraft tire pressure.

Transient Parking

Many Nut Tree visitors take advantage of our transient aircraft parking which is free during the day, and only $10.00 per night for a standard tie down.  We also provide free transient auto parking for our visitors.

Observation Deck and Picnic Areas

The Airport offers an observation deck and picnic tables with a westward view of the airfield and Runway 2-20. The Observation Deck is located on the second floor of the Airport Office Building and can be accessed through the building lobby and elevator. Other picnic tables are also provided near the Pilots Lounge.

Airport Lobby

The Airport provides a comfortable lobby space located on the first floor of the Airport Office Building directly across from the aircraft transient parking row. The Lobby can be used for informal discussions as well as for taking a break to catch up on the latest aviation periodicals or aircraft for sale. Public restrooms and vending machines are also located just off of the lobby area.