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Nut Tree Airport Master Plan

The Nut Tree Airport Master Plan was adopted by the Solano County Board of Supervisors in November 2013. The Airport Master Plan provides the basis for the long-term development of aviation facilities and improvements as well as for development of aviation and ancillary commercial projects. Supplementing the airport master plan is the utility master plan.

  1. Nut Tree Airport Master Plan

  2. Airport Utility Master Plan

The following airport maps and diagrams illustrate projects and development opportunities at the Nut Tree Airport.

Overall Airport Development Map

Current Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP)

The Airport Layout Plan (ALP)


Other Economic Development Information

Many other opportunities exist in the Vacaville area including near the Airport. City and Economic Development staff are ready to assist your interests.  A recent significant example of the Can Do Business Attitude is the selection of Vacaville and the Nut Tree Airport for the future home of ICON Aircraft which will produce new aircraft and create employment opportunities and additional economic growth locally and regionally.

City of Vacaville

Solano Economic Development Corporation

Nut Tree Airport Business Plan

The Nut Tree Airport Business Plan was approved by the Solano County Board of Supervisors in September 2015. The Airport Business Plan will be used to implement and support additional economic diversity including aeronautical and commercial development and ancillary commercial business investment.

The Airport Business Plan profiles and explains the Airport as a business enterprise, current on-airport business activities, and reflects significant opportunity for additional economic development at the Airport. The Airport Business Plan fosters opportunities to re-integrate the Airport with the Nut Tree Center commercial area which can result in a complementary aeronautical and ancillary commercial interface between the Airport and the Nut Tree area. The Business Plan will enable the Airport to also further support off-airport aeronautical and related commercial growth and development.

Nut Tree Airport Business Plan.pdf

Development Opportunities (Development Brochure)

The Airport offers opportunities for the development of aviation and non-aviation projects, both private and commercial.  The Airport contains property areas that can be developed under a long-term ground lease including hangar development and professional office development, as well as other commercial and light-industrial opportunities. Please contact Catherine McKenzie Cook, Airport Manager at 707-469-4603 or for additional information.